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Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance is on the rise.

Who does your parent trust the most?

Probably YOU!

They trust you with their care before they trust a complete stranger.

I’ve been providing care for my 100 year old mother for over 16 plus years.

I’m constantly searching for new and better ways and products that’ll help me make this a joyful journey.

There needs to be balance, order and peace in both you, your family and your senior parent lives.

This helps keep a meaningful relationship in order for your aging parent to remain at home where they want to be.

You’ll still run into issues with home care but on a whole it’s an honor to keep mom at home.

Home care with a local provider is smart.

Just having a little fun

If you’re caring for a parent and seeking help thru a local provider they can help you identify your parent’s personal needs.

Mom still has spunk at 100 years old.

If you have an outside career and can’t be with your parent 24/7 then a local agency can help here also.

This gives you peace of mind.

I’ll talk about how you can get help thru a local agency soon.

That’s another subject for another day.

The local provider is there to support you and to help you get thru different issues that may come up.

What is home care assistance?

Care in the home by an adult child is non-medical, you take care of your parent’s basic needs.

Oh, you may have to care for a bruise that’s oozing or put ice packs on their backs but for the most part you’re a custodial caretaker.

Assistance can include making sure the home is safe, you do provide companionship and see to it that their daily needs are met.

This will allow your parent to stay at home instead of moved to a skilled nursing home.

You become your parent’s personal care assistant:

  • grocery shopping
  • making sure they eat properly (cleaning out their frig)
  • prepare meals for them
  • making sure they take the right meds
  • cleaning house

As our parent age their bodies and minds change too.

Living in your own home gives you and your parent more flexibility.

Just sitting on the front porch at home is a blessing.

Mom is much more comfortable at home and sleeping in her OWN bed rather than a hospital bed.

Our parents are much more satisfied sitting in their own living room watching a tv program than sitting in a circle at the nursing home.

Mom sits on the front porch and watches me mow the front lawn.

Gives her much more pleasure than sitting or laying in bed in a facility.

Having a little family time.

Benefits of a home care assistant.

  • Not around sick or dying patients.
  • Easier to stay connected to family and friends
  • Better health and reduces hospital stays.
  • Your senior parent’s privacy is not invaded.
  • Less stress for your older loved one.
  • Higher quality of care.
  • Lastly…it’s a whole lot less expensive.

Preserve our loved ones dignity at home.

It’s not always easy and sometimes it gets very hard to be the adult child primary caregiver but it does give you a sense of pride.

Just knowing that you gave your loved one their last final wish to stay at home as long as possible with quality assistance from family.






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