Can’t Hear On The Phone?

can't hear on the phone

Can’t Hear On The Phone?

Alice is from the Miami Valley area Troy, Ohio and here you can see that she is using her caption telephone because she can’t hear on the phone.  She got it FREE with a prescription from her family doctor, then her daughter Donna, her primary caregiver makes that one phone call to ==> Captel Telephone and the rest is history. Mom is happy that she can now communicate with her family and friends and Donna is not pulling her hair out.

Do you have a family member who can’t hear on the phone?

IMAGINE being able to read captions of everything your caller says because you can’t hear on the phone.  Captioned telephones transcribes every word the person on the other end is saying to you AND you can read it instead of listening.

I have battled this for several years now.  I would always have to get on the phone while mom was talking to family or friends.  It was so frustrating to say the least.  She has a very good hearing aid but she says she still can’t hear on the phone.

Mom has collapsed ear canals.  One doctor said she needed a spacer on her hearing aid, another doctor said it wouldn’t make any difference.  What to do?

Well, I had been seeing advertisements on the television for months about captioned telephones so I mentioned it to her doctor.  He wrote mom a prescription and I called the company the next time I saw the commercial and she got it for FREE with the doctor’s approval.

can't hear on the phone

Now, truthfully she has trouble keeping up with the words and listening on the phone at the same time.  At 100 it’s a little hard to keep up with, but for younger ones I see this as very beneficial.

Since mom can’t hear on the phone and she has trouble keeping up with the words, I now go back after she hangs the phone up and I will read it to her if it’s important.  On a regular landline I would not be able to do this, so it’s a great way to keep her informed and connected.

If you or a loved one can’t hear on the phone it would be very beneficial for you to check out the captioned phones.

You can either go to the tab at the top of this page and click the tab CapTel  Phones where you can see the different models of phones or to the right of this page and click on the banner for CapTel and check it out for yourself to see if it would assist your loved ones situation and help you out as well.

I know it has mine!  Every caregiver needs to check this out.

Donna G Harris

P.S. You can learn more about each of the captioned telephones here.