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A family caregiver taking care of an elderly parent at home.

Donna Harris/The Crazy Caregiver

DonnaHarris is the primary family caregiver and continues today taking care of an elderly parent at home, her mother, who just happened to turn 100 years old on May 20, 2018.  In her spare time, Lol, she supports other family caregivers and taps into the memories of days gone by, what’s happening today in their aging parent’s life and life struggles of reversing roles with our once vibrant parent and find ideas to make a tough journey a more joyous experience.

Some days Donna wonders who she isCan you relate?  What started as a way to regroup from an ugly divorce quickly turned into a combination between love and duty as Donna became more and more gripped with the responsibility of the role of being the primary caretaker to her mother when the family doctor told her that her mom could NOT live alone any longer.  

​Throughout Donna’s website on both her pages and posts, Donna may drop knowledge bombs to help you understand the strategies and mindset needed to stay sane because it can and probably will become crazy very quickly dealing with many issues of the elderly.  That’s where the name came from Donna The Crazy Caregiver. 

Her ultimate goal is helping you cut through all the noise and frustrations found in so many issues we face today as we keep our parents at home with us and not in a nursing home.  The blog posts are designed to only focus on what she finds works or doesn’t work from personal experience, not what some professionals say that’s never had the concern of caring for an aging parent themselves.


Welcome to Donna The Crazy Caregiver (Just taking care of my momma)

We’re the destination for all of your family caregiving tips, emphasizing care strategies that help build deep and nurturing care, giving ideas to those taking care of an elderly parent at home.  We’ll be sharing our hopes, strengths and experiences with you.

Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent At Home

We encourage family members who step up to the plate to work on lessening the chances of a caregiver burnout. Being the provider and protector for an aging parent at home is a big important responsibility.

We’re here for meaningful support and encourage helping each other and everything in between.

Our reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our primary goal is to be available to provide insightful information to enable other caregivers to make informed caregiving decisions and to lighten the stress of caring for aging parent(s).

We’ll be adding more and more info for family caregivers to help care for your elderly parent at home…

We’re certified by a local assisted care agency that gives excellent training, the information on this site is what we learned and in no way are we an expert but we can identify with you and feel your pain.
It’s extremely important to continue to educate ourselves to improve our caregiving skills so we can and will provide the best care while keeping mom or dad at home.  We always share what we learn to support our family caregiver.
Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent At Home

Isn’t it time you connect with other family providers who also are keeping mom at home, receive support and caregiving tips that a seasoned adult family caregiver has to offer?

I know caring for a parent in our home or theirs is time consuming, so I know you’re a very busy person.  I want to respect your time.  I don’t want to put rubbish on here but good info that will actually help you.  Please roam around the halls of our site in your spare time and also share this with your family and friends to help us get the word out that we’re here for YOU, the caregiver.  We’re here to help you and your parent through this journey and NOT go crazy as you dedicate your life as a family caretaker for an aging parent.  It’s a work in progress and so isn’t this website.
We invite you to contact us anytime. Our Phone Number is (937) 552-5586.

Who's Donna


What will your life look like after this journey of caring for an aging parent in your home or theirs is complete?  

While caring for her mother, who you already know is up in years and also supporting other family caregivers, Donna still finds a little time to work on her Plan B.  What are you doing?  Donna knows firsthand what its like being broke and on welfare.  Now, that she’s been caring for her mom for over 16 years it’s even more worrisome because she knows that after this journey is over she will be in her 70’s and the only thing left would be to work at a retail store with revolving shifts and for very little pay.  She also knows that the sacrifice, which she does lovingly, has effected her own family and at times feels like she’s neglected them.  Donna doesn’t want to sit and wonder what the future holds and guilt that she still won’t have the family time with her grandchildren because she’d more than likely have to find some kind of means to financially support herself so Donna has decided now was the time to take the bull by the horns and when her momma goes to bed or naps she’s working on her plan B.  So I’m asking you…what are you doing for your future?  Think about it!  Don’t wait until it’s too late or you feel you’re too old.  Take the time now.  You can’t write a check if there’s no money in the account.  <== Give this sentence some thought before it’s too late.