Your Duty and Responsibilities

Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities…

Caregiver duties and responsibilities for the elderly…

My duty and job as a caregiver became so much more when I officially became mom’s primary caregiver.

Tasks that I took over was:

  • all of mom’s finances
  • doctor appointments
  • meal preparations
  • bathing and dressing
  • shopping for mom
  • grooming
  • keeping the house
  • mow yard
  • do laundry

This is just the beginning, the list can go on and on and on.

Caregiver duties and responsibilities.

The difference between your role and responsibilities.

There’s only one role or duty but there could be many responsibilities.

Roles are the area caregivers assume or are assigned.

Right now your role is the family caregiver.

Responsibilities are the specific tasks or duties the family caregivers are expected to complete according to the care plan.


What do you do as a caregiver?

You not only do all of the above that I just mentioned but you become your parent’s advocate.

  • You make important phone calls.
  • You also can be expected to entertain their visitors.
  • You provide companionship to your aging parent at some point.
  • You take them out for rides and out to eat, this can be a small part of companionship.
  • You kind of give up your life and it becomes intertwined with their life, or so it seems.


Caregiving responsibilities…

The responsibility is to do whatever your aging parent is not capable of performing any longer.  And it can get pretty taxing.

An example of just one responsibility is to make sure they take the correct number of meds prescribed and when to take them.

Responsibility can come in many shapes and sizes.

It can and probably will become very demanding on you, the family caregiver.

Caregiver duty and responsiblities

How do live-in caregiver duties and responsibilities differ from duties and responsibilities of a hospital caregiver?

Live-in caregiver are likely to provide transportation when the hospital caregiver won’t.

A live-in family caregiver may take their aging parent on a short trip where the caregiver in the hospital can’t.

Most family caregiver will more than likely be there for emotional support where the caregivers don’t have time in the hospital.

You’re caring a heavy load where the hospital caregiver can take time off and not give your aging parent a second thought when they are off duty.

There are two of you that you’re responsible for now.

Two important people. . YOU and your aging parent.


3 tips to make your role a little easier.

  • Care for your parent from the heart and not because you think you owe them.
  • Remember your parent is still your parent, they’re just a little different today.
  • Set boundaries for yourself and recruit help from siblings or other family members from the start.


3 tips to make the responsibilities easier.

  • Make sure to take care of yourself and get enough sleep.
  • Take responsibility for your own care, take breaks.
  • Remember if you don’t get it done right away it will always be there tomorrow.


Educate yourself on the caregiving role and responsibilities.

Learn the resources that are available that will help you with your new role and responsibilities of caring for your aging parent.

Educate yourself on the disease or diseases your elderly loved one is facing.

Be or get prepared so you aren’t in the dark.

Talk to your care agency provider for support.

There’s help out there to support the caregiver as you take on or face existing issues.

The duty and responsibility are important.

You’re important and don’t forget that.

Without you taking on the duty and responsibility of caring for your elderly parent there’s only two other options:

  1. strangers come in to help
  2. taken to a nursing home

Your role is crucial and the responsibilities are great so be watchful of the duty in which you’re in charge of for your aging parent’s personal care.

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