100 Years Old is a Whole Lot of Living

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100 years oldI have not given it much thought of all that I need to be grateful for, like mom turning 100 years old.  We often don’t remember to think of all the things in our life that we could enjoy and appreciate.  I look at mom turning 100 years old on May 20th and she is so excited because she will be the oldest one in her family.  No other family member lived to be 100 years old.  Such a milestone for sure.

I also never realized all the friends we have.  Mom is getting flooded with birthday cards and she watches everyday for the mailman.  Perhaps if we took time to look at what is good in our life we wouldn’t be so preoccupied with all the bad.

I know I allow my mind to get filled with grievances and I notice the more I think of them the BIGGER they get.  We would be much better off if we surrendered to God and all His goodness, don’t get sucked up and controlled in all the negative thinking and stray from all the goodness that is surrounding you.

Live to a 100 years old with grace, integrity, strength, joy and love.

Every day a period of thanking God for the love and life that we are so graciously abounded with is necessary for our spiritual development.  We need to control our thoughts.  Not an easy job in this life but it can be done.  No time for self-pity.  By doing this we will find our self able to ask for God’s help to manage every area and live in serenity.


God has given us the faculties by which we are able to bear what comes to pass without being crushed or depressed thereby.

Why then do we sit and moan and groan, blind to the Giver, making no acknowledgment to Him, but giving ourselves to complaints?  (Epictetus)


I think of the challenges my mother has gone through in her 100 year old life.  Keep our thoughts and words fresh and running water flowing down the hill

Keep our thoughts and words fresh like the running water as it flows on down the hill.

When I look at my challenges I realize that other people’s problems make mine look small and yet they face them with determination and courage.

When I think of what others are facing my load begins to lighten.

When things look bleak that’s the time to look inside for the light within me.

Don’t let life make you crazy, go out and make this the greatest day of your life.


I wish you well,

Donna The Crazy Caregiver

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