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Hi I’m Donna 

Donna The Crazy Caregiver from Ohio

Hello there sweet friend, I’m an adult daughter living and caring for my 101 year old mom.  I’ve been here for over 17 years. 

I have many friends and family who would call me for help with something pertaining to an elderly parent.  That’s why I created the FREE What’s Involved in Elderly Caregiving E- Course.  You can register here!

CRAZY means Out-Of-The-Box, game changer and trailblazing but other times it means I’ve just gone crazy from all the insanity that goes on when reversing the roles of being an adult child to taking on the full responsibility of mom and becoming the primary family caregiver.

After a nasty divorce I moved in with mom to get my bearings, soon after mom got very sick and the doctor said she couldn’t live alone annnd I’m still here.  #goingcrazyformom

I know what it’s like to sacrifice my family to care for mom to the point where I don’t have much time for my kids, grandkids or friends. (hint – that means it’s time to get help!)

While writing the Free What’s Involved in Elderly Caregiving e-Course made me realize what a blessing it’s actually been to keep mom home and out of the nursing home.

But it wasn’t always this way… A few years ago I was feeling drained, depressed and imprisoned by being the primary caregiver.  It was like my life had been taken away from me and I cried every single day.

I was starting to resent all my FAMILY, like what I can do and can’t do each day, and where I have to be every day.  And how much money I was losing. And what days I’m allowed to do whatever I want, go where I want and what days I’m not.

Each day that passed, I felt more and more panicked that I was losing my life.

Going to lunch with a grandchild, taking a vacation or celebrating family birthdays,  we take for granted this will continue.  If you have no family and having friends aren’t important this might work for you.  When you know you’re making an impact in your parent’s life, it’s a great feeling.

But what if it doesn’t? What if you feel like your decision to care for your aging parent was the wrong decision.

I don’t want those strong feelings to stand in your way.

Imagine going to bed any night and not dreading the next morning.

Imagine being able to take time for yourself.  Take some YOU time that you desperately want and need every day and not have your emotions telling you that you aren’t as important as your parents needs every second of the day.

Imagine being so excited to open up your eyes in the morning, jump up and know that you’ll cherish the time you have with your elderly parent and also be able to help other adult children transform their lives. Caring for mom doesn’t weigh me down as much anymore.

If you want to create a life where you can design your own schedule, enjoy your time with your aging parent and find your sanity again then you’re in the right place.

And I felt so guilty about not being happy…

Because I had a bed, food to eat, being paid to care for mom thru an agency and I felt like I should just be satisfied with what I had because so many others aren’t as fortunate. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was losing my life, my kids and grandkids.

So I decided to build a website.

I started blogging and creating information that I had learned thru my journey while caring for mom.  My goal was to make enough money to replace the agency income so when my caregiving job ended with mom I would be able to continue helping other caregivers.

I quickly burnt myself out…from the guilt that I was neglecting mom but when I find my passion and know that others need help and mom is cared for I decided I had to make this happen no matter what. I want to empower and show you that you CAN understand it, that you CAN do it, and that if you commit to taking the action, you can make a huge change in your life.

It is totally possible to turn your side hustle into your full time job. I know because I’ve done it, and it’s changed my life.


What if I could take what I know inside and out, that I really believe in and love doing, and turn it into something that really makes a difference in people’s lives? And what if I could make a living doing it? And have the freedom that I desperately crave to help you figure out what it would take to make your life easier and your future brighter ?

I finally figured it out.

I figured out how to take something I love doing and turn it into a side hustle. You can do this too. I figured out how to minimize my time so I could continue caring for mom and keep the agency job as a safety net while I grew my caregiving support business and maximized my income, so that I didn’t totally burn out but prepare for .

Through lots of trial and error and testing and changing, I finally figured it out.. Four years after starting Donna The Crazy Caregiver (Just going crazy for my momma), I feel the load lifted off my shoulders and my goal possible.

I want to empower and show you that you CAN understand what you got yourself into, that you CAN do it, and that if you commit to taking the action, you can make a huge change in your life and your aging parent.

It is totally possible to turn your responsibilities and your emotions around.. I know because I’ve done it, and it’s changed my life.

Caring for an aging parent CAN BE INTIMIDATING.

That’s why I want to show you how to build a better relationship with your parent that actually helps you put joy in their life and keep them safe.

Because there are a lot of trainings out there from people who know about caregiving but have no clue how to keep the insanity out of the daily duties that comes along with protecting your older loved ones.

So you end up caring for your parents and it looks good to outside people, but doesn’t really help your relationship with the ones that actually cared for you. Or make better memories in their final years that you’ll remember lovingly forever…


And I can help you.

It’s time to build your relationship with the one that tucked you into bed before it’s too late.

All you have to do is give me your email address and commit to the FREE What’s Involved in Elderly Caregiving e- Coursea family caregiving email series unlike any other you’ll find online that will show you step by step how to be loving, strong and a confident caregiver to your parent in just 5 days.

I’ll show you how to stop the insanity or put it in it’s place before it has a chance to creep into your life, and teach you what you didn’t know you needed to know.

Without emotions running away with you. Just the facts.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. The difference between caregiving sanity and insanity. So start today!

Donna The Crazy Caregiver

Donna Harris –

Just goin crazy for my momma

Estate Recovery Secret


  1. Looking amazing!! love your new site and so anxious to see all that is coming!! Love you lady <3 you inspire me!!

    1. Ahhhh thank you Michelle Leith. I appreciate your support. If I can help one family caregiver thru my experience, strength and hope it will be worth it all. [[HUG]]

  2. Hey, Donna! What a treat! That 402 error page did its duty and lead me right back to your website!

    This is a wonderful website! Donna does good computer work! I understand what you are saying from the inside, too. I was live in care giver for my amazing autistic brother for 8 years until his death at the age of 60. I then stayed on with my Beautiful Mom for another year until she also chose to join him and my Pop a year later at the age of 88. That was an “assignment” I value still – more than any other role I ever had in my lifetime!
    Enjoy your beautiful Mom and cherish each moment – even the ones that make you want to scream!
    Blessings! Theres

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Theresa. That make my heart pudder. Some days you wonder what you are doing and if it really helps others. Thank you so much.

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