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Who’s Donna~The Family Caregiver/The Crazy Caregiver

Hello there sweet friends, Welcome to Donna’s online home.  Donna Harris is from central Ohio.  She has a heart for YOU, the family caregiver. This is where she can come and empty her soul and share her caregiving journey experiences with you. Whether you are caring for an aging parent, a family member or a friend and need support ~ you are welcome to join Donna, aka The CRAZY Caregiver.

Donna The Crazy Caregiver from Ohio

CRAZY means Out-Of-The-Box, game changer and trailblazing but other times it means she has just gone crazy from all the craziness that goes on reversing the roles from being the child to being the parent to her mother and becoming the family caregiver.

Her story Donna’s been living with my mom who is 97 for 13+ years and it has taught her many lessons than she cares to think about. HA! She’s still being taught lessons. How about you?  She has cried, depression sneaks in, at times she feels deprived of her grandchildren, worries about her finances and so much more. However, she realized what a blessing that she actually has to keep her mom out of the nursing home and by digging deep within herself she finally found her purpose through this journey even though it took great sacrifice on her family’s part.  She’s learning to enjoy life more, with everything she has.  She’s also learning more about herself as she goes along this journey. Her life is now on a magical path even though she’s still sacrificing.  If she can pull this family caregiver role off, imagine what YOU can do.  Go take your parent to the mall and just act crazy.  Mom’s having fun.

Out having fun with momma

What she’s learning through this journey caring for her mother has transformed her life forever. It’ll never be the same and she has a passion to help you also. Up to this point she has met some wonderful people caring for their loved ones and she learns from all of them as they learn from her.  She’s met some pretty neat spiritual, wealth, health and happiness seekers. She has many cheerleaders who have hopped on board this crazy choochoo with her to help support her situation, why don’t you just come meet the CRAZY caregiver and you’ll find out that you aren’t alone.

This wake-up call encouraged her to take her life and transform every aspect from the inside out.  She’s found that she has more strength than she ever realized. Being a family caregiver is stressful and can suck the life right out of you. Donna’s learning how diet and exercise cannot be ignored. She’s now learning to have more fun with her journey and to enjoy her mother with all the ups and downs and she’s taking this very seriously. If you want to start transforming your life and find a true blessing in your caregiving journey then this site is for you,  come Meet The CRAZY Caregiver.  Donna’s one wish is to find a way she could come to your home and give you a BIG (((hug))) and help you.  Her next best option is to create some dynamic options that will allow her to virtually mentor you because you deserve to become the CEO of your own life, health, finances and caregiving while you’re providing for your loved one. Donna’s a foot soldier in the fight for the family caregiver.  Her passion is to inspire YOU to take charge of your health, happiness, finances and show you how to live life at its best and to live and love like you really mean it.

Hey, I’d love to connect! The best way is to leave a comment or visit her on Facebook.

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  1. Looking amazing!! love your new site and so anxious to see all that is coming!! Love you lady <3 you inspire me!!

    1. Ahhhh thank you Michelle Leith. I appreciate your support. If I can help one family caregiver thru my experience, strength and hope it will be worth it all. [[HUG]]

  2. Hey, Donna! What a treat! That 402 error page did its duty and lead me right back to your website!

    This is a wonderful website! Donna does good computer work! I understand what you are saying from the inside, too. I was live in care giver for my amazing autistic brother for 8 years until his death at the age of 60. I then stayed on with my Beautiful Mom for another year until she also chose to join him and my Pop a year later at the age of 88. That was an “assignment” I value still – more than any other role I ever had in my lifetime!
    Enjoy your beautiful Mom and cherish each moment – even the ones that make you want to scream!
    Blessings! Theres

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Theresa. That make my heart pudder. Some days you wonder what you are doing and if it really helps others. Thank you so much.

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