Elderly Caregiving

Role Reversal

What does role reversal look like?

Role Reversal is a noun and is defined as a circumstance where two people adopt opposite roles of their normal one or switch roles.

As the primary caregiver for our mother, I thought myself
and mom would be the center around which everything
would revolve.

When it didn’t, I suffered with what should and shouldn’t be.

Am I the only one sharing the anguish,the disruptions in life,the decisions,and the the joys of a role reversal?

I long for a supporter, an encourager, a cheer giver,a back-up, a backer.  It doesn’t always happen when there’s
a role reversal.

Her feelings, my feelings, her life, my life, her care, my care.

Mom has changed. I have changed. My role has changed.

Role reversal at it’s best.

God, the complexities and demands of being an aging parent caregiver is such that
we need enormous strength.  You know the physical and emotional strength
that we need to do our job in this role reversal God.  You know we need your help to remain steadfast Lord. You know that we need spiritual strength when we feel weak and defeated, but you Lord give us hope and not despair.  You Lord, are our source when we need that special strength.  Put your loving arms around us and all the
caregivers out there Lord when we need your strength in dealing with the
big and little things of caring for our aging parent(s).  Assure us that you will
never leave nor forsake us but encourage us in the small daily things as we continue
to do our best in this role reversal.  AMEN.

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