My Bible Pledge.

My Bible Pledge. Do you believe what it says?

This is MY Bible Pledge and I hold this dear to me. Go ahead, PROVE God. I am what it says I am. I am a family caregiver.

I don’t necessarily watch Joel Osteen much but I do really like this saying. It’s a great way of opening your heart and getting in touch with God and to the teaching of His word. I have this written out in my Bible. Everytime I see it I read it.  It helps me get back into His Word and focus.  I sometimes forget that God is on my side so when I read this it brings me back to knowing that I am not alone and that God does hear my cry for help.  God does have a plan for our life as a caregiver.

Make this the BEST day of your life. Donna G Harris/Donna The Crazy Caregiver P.S. Are we friends yet on FB…

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