Every caregiver needs an income backup plan.

A Financial Income Backup Plan

As a family caregiver, it’s smart to have A Financial Income Backup Plan.

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Today I will have a plan, I may not follow it exactly but I will have a plan.

What about you?

Adult children want to keep their aging parent at home if at all possible.

When we as children see that our elderly parent needs care we want to jump in and help them
knowing that it will cause stress on our finances if we have to make changes at our job.

I know for myself I did not think about having a financial income backup plan, I just didn’t.

Most of us realize our finances will change when we make this move but I don’t think we see just how big an
impact it will have on our lives and our families lives.

Keeping our loved one at home is our main focus but it could cost added stress, time and attention and this usually affects our finances.

There just isn’t any handbook that teaches us what emotions we will address in the future.

We are generally on our own.  There may be resources but for the most part we learn from trial and error.

It’s very daunting caring for an aging parent and also trying to keep up your own life and family. Our financial security is at risk.

Caring for our elderly parents does come with a cost.

Alzheimer's Disease

Taking on the responsibility for your frail parent or ill more than likely will bring on a huge challenge as you balance your time and energy
between you, your family and your aging loved one.

There are ways to supplement your income but you need to be careful.

Here are a few…

  • Online Tutor
  • Customer Service Representive
  • Create a product to help others and promote online
  • Freelance editor

Always be cautious when seeking work-at-home employment opportunities. Scammers are out there and seeking to obtain access to personal and financial information. 

Do your due diligence.

Be wary of any company that promises you’ll “get rich quick” by working for them part-time.

Companies that require unpaid training or ask you to spend money to apply for the job or position should also be considered untrustworthy.


Talk to your family.   Get ideas on how to replace or add to your income while caring for your ill parent.

This stage of your life could last several years and coping with financial tension could pop up.

A financial income backup plan is essential so I decided to create my own place to increase my income.

You do not want to go into this caregiving journey without a financial backup plan.

I decided to build an income on my own terms to bring in extra cash and this enables me to continue caring for my
mother right here at home.

My hours, my way, my decision, my time off and no one can tell me that my family can’t come first.

You can do this too.

added income

Everyone needs an income backup plan.

Donna Harris aka Donna The Crazy Caregiver



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