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  • The Missing Puzzle Pieces

    The Missing Puzzle Pieces

      Find the missing puzzle piece to the family caregiving journey! Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be caring for my 102-year-old mother. Just didn’t think about it. Sitting here thinking about the last 17 years and realizing there are several missing puzzle pieces to caregiving. Did you know that November […]

  • 12 Steps To Self Care Activities

    12 Steps To Self Care Activities

    Self care activities are a must for your serenity when you’re caring for an aged parent. As a family caregiver, the need for self care activities is essential to live a happy life. One self care idea that comes to mind is The 12-Step Program for caregivers. Now we just need a self care plan. […]

  • Twelve Steps to Keep Her Aging Mother Safe

    Twelve Steps to Keep Her Aging Mother Safe

    One Adult Daughter’s 12 Steps to Keep Her Aging Mother Safe and Happy I’ve been involved with the twelve step program for over 10 years. Can’t always attend the 12-step support meetings since mom is 100 years old and can’t be left alone. There’s a hole in my life. This support group gives me hope […]

  • How To Find A Caregiver Support Group

      A Caregiver Support Group are what many adult children who are caring for an aging parent want to find, and sometimes as the last resort. Even though we don’t have the time, we want something to fix our problem.  RIGHT?  We feel in our heart that if we can just find a support group […]

  • Mad At God.

    Mad At God? While living with my elderly mom of 98 I sometimes become overwhelmed and just don’t know which way I should turn or even how to make one decision and I become so mad at God. Yes, I became really mad at God because I felt like He wasn’t there to help me.  […]

  • Role Reversal

    Role Reversal

    What does role reversal look like? Role Reversal is a noun and is defined as a circumstance where two people adopt opposite roles of their normal one or switch roles. As the primary caregiver for our mother, I thought myself and mom would be the center around which everything would revolve. When it didn’t, I suffered […]

  • How To Make Peace With Yourself

    How To Make Peace With Yourself

    How To Make Peace With Yourself and Your Loved One because the everyday struggles caring for an aging parent can be daunting at times. Good Day my sweet Caregivers, Can I be upfront with you today?  Will that be OK?  You need to make peace with yourself. A friend that I met while taking a […]

  • Hello Beautiful…Having A Bad Day?

    Hello Beautiful…having a bad day – good day?  No matter which one we are here for YOU! If you’re having a bad day, a good day or an ugly day we just want to tell you that YOU are beautiful and WELCOME TO OUR BLOG…   Hello Beautiful…Having A Bad Day?       Just […]