Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa

How Important is Grandma and Grandpa In The Scheme Of Your Life?


Spending time with grandma and grandpa is important.


If you have a parent who’s caring for your aging grandparent, have you ever wondered what questions to ask when you’re around grandma and grandpa?


Do you ever wonder what to do with your grandparents?


Asking them questions about their growing up years brings about floods of memories back to them.


Sitting here wondering and pondering what to write about so many things pop into my head as the primary care-taker and just thinking back either brings a smile to my face or a tear to my eye.



Asking family questions shows grandma and grandpa you’re interested in their life.


Asking grandma and grandpa life questions makes them use their minds.


Several years ago, I use to clean for an elderly lady.


Her grandson would come and sit for a while and just talk to her and ask how she was doing.


They would sit and chat for about 15 – 20 minutes.


Now the grandson didn’t live in the same town and worked even further away.


He made the time to come see how his grandma was doing and always asked her if she needed anything.


I often wondered when I heard them talking if when my time came would my grandchildren stop in to check on me.


There would be something in the basement that she wanted but couldn’t get and he went right down and brought it up for her.


He asked if she needed the trash taken out.


He was very attentive to her and she knew she was loved.


It made such an impact on my life when I witnessed this and saw how important he made her feel.


Why you should ask your grandparents questions?


Grandma and grandpa may have trouble hearing and feel left out.


Starting a conversation with your grandparent makes them feel included.


Grandparents have priceless wisdom and life experiences to share.


You can learn how your mom or dad grew up and hear some funny stories about their childhood.


Learn where your parents went to school and their first date stories.


You can learn a lot from grandma and grandpa that your own parents haven’t thought of sharing.


Find out who was president on the day your mom or dad was born.


Find out what kind of things they dad as a kid.


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The importance of spending time with grandma and grandpa.


If you’ve young children or even teenagers I ask you to please take your children to see and visit their grandparents often.


Do you know families that favor one side from the other and then one set of grandparents are left out?


I never knew either of my grandpas but did have both my grandmothers and loved going to see them.


Closing my eyes I can sit here and remember times when we went to visit my dad’s mother.


We were eating dinner and my brother asked grandma what she would like.


She said just a little of everything. He brought her back a plate of ONE spoonful of whatever was being served.


Everyone laughed when he handed grandma her dinner.


I remember those funny times, do you?


Grandparents have more time to show love, affection and encouragement.


This helps us to learn trust. Grandparents have time to listen where parents are busy tending to many things.


Sit down and share a problem with them and ask for their thoughts or advice.


It’s the everyday moments that you will remember, those special times that can and will tear you up.


Teach the grandkids to spend time with both sets of grandparents.


They can learn so much from both sides.


How to spend time with your grandparents.


  • Look at pictures and ask questions
  • Play a game of checkers and let them win Lol
  • Get a piece of paper and play tic tac toe

To have living grandparents is a privilege, make sure not to waste the precious time.


Not everyone has both grandparents or even one.


Don’t take it for granted.


They want to see you.


Pick up a hamburger and drink or something you know they like, just show up and see the smile that you put on their face.


Just MAKE time to stop by and see if there’s anything they need.


My mother sits here day in and day out and very seldom sees the grandkids who live right here in town.


She doesn’t say anything but I know she wonders why they don’t have time to stop and say hi.


Maybe grandma was trying to get something from a top shelf or closet they can’t quite reach anymore and they need help.


Teach your children how important it is to take time with grandma and grandpa.


They surely can spare 30 minutes out of a month they could just pop in to say “I love you Grandma”


Show some compassion.


They won’t always be around.


Maybe the sink stopped up and they don’t know what to do.


So many things you could be there for your grandma and grandpa.


They may need their yard mowed.


What can you do today that would help grandma and grandpa?


Show grandma and grandpa that you care and respect them, help them.


There are always things that need to be done and they hate to ask or bother anyone.


They may need a loaf of bread and have no way to get it.


Be thoughtful…you will always cherish those time and have no regrets.


If your kids move out of town or out of state PLEASE encourage them to pick up the phone to say hello, maybe send a card out of the blue.


Your grandma and grandpa won’t be here forever.


Maybe not even tomorrow.


AND if you’re helping with the care of grandparents this may be of help.

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