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Donna The Crazy Caregiver ‘Testimonials’


Rev. Ray LaSalle Ohio Senior Pastor Bucyrus Nazarene Church

Donna has specialized in caregiving for a number of years and knows the angles and advantages of adult care. She’s a go-to resource of knowledge and experience.
~ Rev. Ray LaSalle, Senior Pastor Bucyrus Nazarene Church

Emily Jane Bernstein Alabama

I have known Donna G. Harris for 40 years at least….she’s a caregiver and has been one for many many years….she cared for her sister, and her father, and now is caring for her mother who is 98 years old…… Donna G. Harris is one of the most loving, caring Christian women I’ve known. She has sacrificed her entire life to be a “CareGiver”. If you don’t know about caregivers, they work 24 hours a day, especially when they care for family members. Donna has no social life to speak of, because of her duties as a caregiver, 24/7 to her mother. She has virtually put her life on hold to assist her loving mother, I think she should be given a medal for her sacrifice. No one knows what she goes through on a daily basis to care for her loving mother, Ms. Lucas. We should all be so lucky to age and have someone care for us like Donna G. Harris.
Emily Jane Bernstein

Ann Winters Ohio

I’ve known Donna Harris several years.  Donna has a passion for helping others and I think she’s excellent in care giving.  ~ Ann Winters

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