caregiving is a puzzle

The Missing Puzzle Pieces

  Find the missing puzzle piece to the family caregiving journey! Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be caring for my 102-year-old mother. Just didn’t think about it. Sitting here thinking about the last 17 years and realizing there are several missing puzzle pieces to caregiving.

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Appreciate your parents

6 Reasons to Appreciate Your Job As a Caregiver

You can appreciate your job as a caregiver, taking care of an aging loved one even though it’s draining, both physically and emotionally. It can be lonely, overwhelming and frustrating, and it often seems thankless. Despite all of this, you persevere and wake up every day to face new challenges

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support programs

12 Steps To Self Care Activities

Self care activities are a must for your serenity when you’re caring for an aged parent. As a family caregiver, the need for self care activities is essential to live a happy life. One self care idea that comes to mind is The 12-Step Program for caregivers. Now we just

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Powerless Over Other People

Feeling powerless over about everything in my life. When I first heard of the Alzheimer’s Support Group I knew nothing about the program and I was feelilng powerless over my whole life.  I wondered how this program was going to help me because mom had not been diagnosed with dementia.

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Does God Have a Plan?

Does God Have a Plan

Does God have a plan for The Family Caregiver? Does God have a plan is an interesting subject.  One day I was searching online for help with anxiety as a caregiver.  I came across Guidepost “Called to Be a Caregiver.”  It took my mind off of what was troubling me

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feeling unappreciated

Feel Unappreciated

Many family caregivers feel unappreciated at some time, it comes with the territory. Family Caregivers often feel unappreciated, sad and their situation hopeless. This is what I hear when I talk to other adult children who are family caregivers who give up their life, their family and sometimes their career

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protect your mom

Twelve Steps to Keep Her Aging Mother Safe

One Adult Daughter’s 12 Steps to Keep Her Aging Mother Safe and Happy I’ve been involved with the twelve step program for over 10 years. Can’t always attend the 12-step support meetings since mom is 100 years old and can’t be left alone. There’s a hole in my life. This

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Back pain is common among caregivers.

Are You Taking Care of Your Back

I had to take a required class on ‘taking care of your back’ as one of my in-service mandatory trainings. Did you know that there are two different types of back pain? Acute back pain more than likely is caused from an accident or injury. Usually not long lasting. Chronic

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Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa

How Important is Grandma and Grandpa In The Scheme Of Your Life?     If you have a parent who’s caring for your aging grandparent, have you ever wondered what questions to ask when you’re around grandma and grandpa?   Do you ever wonder what to do with your grandparents?

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