Alzheimer’s Disease Is A Mind Madness

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Is There Someone In Your Family Suffering From This Dreaded Mind Madness, Alzheimers Disease?


Alzheimer’s Disease is part of the Dementia family.  It’s the most common.  Dementia has always been referred to as the umbrella and Alzheimer’s is just one of the many spokes.

When thinking of my family and friends who I see suffer from this horrible disease and notice the personality change and mental decay I want to cry.  I have two friends who are just a few years older than myself who have been placed in nursing homes because of the unbalance and being unable to care for themselves.  Memory loss is no laughing matter.

Alzheimer's Disease Is A Mind Madness

My sweet cousin is very fortunate that her daughter decided she wasn’t ready for her mom to go to the care facility. She continues to care for her mother in her own home.  This mental disorder comes on slowly but reeks havoc in our lives once the destructive changes begin to occur in the brain.

alzheimer's disease

The madness of this brain disease brings more to their lives than just forgetfulness.  Alzheimer’s disease affects the way a person behaves and also the way they talk.  The sad thing is there is NO cure and is always fatal.  You know once your loved one has been diagnosed with this horrible deterioration there is NO turning back.  You have to accept the fact that it will not and cannot be cured.

I thank God every day that I had the privilege of attending the awesome caregiver support group from the Alzheimer’s Association where I met some wonderful people and saw the heavy load they carry.  I appreciate them more since I have witnessed their love for their family member.

I care for my mother who turned 99 in this May 2017.  Even though mom is starting to repeat herself, (at 99 who wouldn’t forget a little) we as a family have been blessed to have a mother who is not living with insanity to the degree that many are with this disease.  My heart goes out to my sweet cousin Lois as she continues daily to care for her mom.  Alzheimer’s disease is the hardest of caregiving jobs and we need to lift these precious people up.  Losing one’s memory can turn into chaos.

alzheimer's disease

I will be putting up more info on what Alzheimer’s disease is and the affects that it can and will have on you as the family caregiver of your aging parent.

Donna The Crazy Caregiver