A few words to encourage you.

I want to help you become a more Godly Spirit-led caregiver.


You will face many challenges in the days to come.


 It will be a very different life than what you ‘re use to.  The stress has already increased.


That’s why I’m here so that I can encourage you in the days to come with God’s Word.


Being a Godly caretaker in the world today involves more than just the daily duties of taking care of your parent.  


God wants you to become His daughter and He will equip you with the strength to get you thru this new chapter in your book of life.


Often other adult children who have walked in your shoes can be your best guide.  

I often would seek counseling but if that person hadn’t experienced caring for a parent they had no idea what I was thinking or feeling.


In my humble opinion, if you don’t rely on God, your journey will not play out the way you want it to.


 It’s hard enough with God, I’d hate to be in the shoes of someone trying to do this without Him.


With Him there is light at the end of the tunnel.


I developed this site to be a help to you and to assist you in your daily one on one relationship with your parent.


You, as a daughter will effect more than just your parent.  

Your children are watching you during this time.  


You need God and other adult children to help and love you through every situation you encounter as a family caregiver.


I’m right beside you.


I wish you well ~
Donna the Crazy Caregiver (went crazy for my momma)