As a Caregiver in Miami Valley OH, I don’t feel like being a caregiver many a day, I’m here to help adult children living with elderly parents 😆 I’m sure you go thru tough days just like I do and just need a shoulder to lean on, so I want to provide support for the caregiver.


~ Hello sweet caregivers, my name is Donna Harris aka Donna The Crazy Caregiver.  I’m a family caregiver who lives in the Miami Valley or the Greater Miami Valley Area.  I’m a certified skilled caregiver through a Dayton local assisted care agency and I only focus on caring for my mother.  

Before we get started, I want to introduce myself and let you know a little about who I am and what you are in store for.  I’ve been caring for my aging mother for the past 13+ years. I am her primary caregiver.  I’ve taken the hundreds of hours I’ve spent learning, crying, feeling isolated, and much more and combined all of this with the mistakes I’ve made and time I’ve wasted and also my strengths and rolled that all into this website to give you tips and tricks for keeping YOU from going crazy trying to care for an elderly parent. So maybe you’ve been trying to do this alone…and it’s become a disaster.  Being a certified caregiver thru the state doesn’t make caring for an aging parent any easier. 


Caregiver Miami Valley OH
Living with elderly parents.

Caregiving definition is providing  assistance and support to your family member who may be sick or disabled, it may be financial help, physical help, help with daily living or social help.  Caring for others generally takes on three areas: instrumental, emotional, and informational caring.”

Do you work on your own or do you work for a local assisted care agency?  Even while you may work for an agency you still feel alone. You can even be a trained caregiver and still feel inadequate.  I’m NOT perfect, I still have my issues and I’ve found out that I can’t do this alone.  We need a support team.

In our Caregiving Journey I’ll share with you:

~ An easy way to inform the family physician so that you avoid common mistakes and don’t end up frustrated with your aging parent.

~ How to have all your aging parents info in one place with all their important papers and info at a moments notice and much, much more.

You’re smart and you can catch on quick, so why is caring for your aging parent so stressful?

Well, sweet caregivers, it’s not your fault. One problem with being The Crazy Caregiver is information overload. All the books and information you have been googling has you swirling. It’s like having a ton of clothes in your closet and nothing to wear. Analysis paralysis. All of that is about to change…Donna The Crazy Caregiver is here.

Say goodbye to feeling like you’re life has turned upside down and hello to feeling proud of what you’re able to do!  Sign up here for Donna’s free Caregiving Tips.

Donna The Crazy Caregiver puts YOU back in control.

Not your aging parent who feels they can still have control over your life as they did when you were young.

You quickly discover there are hundreds of videos on YouTube for caring for aging parents and you don’t know who to trust.

In Our Caregiving Journey, these are the key points we’ll work on:

  • Spiritual deficit. Keeps us in a deep hole.

  • Fatigue. When you’re tired, it’s hard to be productive or to think clearly — which could create costly mistakes and keep you from living abundantly.

  • Poor health. Stress causes many adverse effects on the immune system.

  • Lost time with friends and loved ones. Life out of control, you might miss important family events or milestones. This leaves you feeling left out and can harm relationships with your loved ones. It’s also difficult to nurture friendships if you’re always working.

  • In debt. Finances out of control will cause great stress on your bank account, health, family relationships and lifestyle.

Say goodbye to feeling like you’re trying to learn some foreign language and hello to building memories with the person who tucked you into bed at night. 

YOU can do this! It’s Your Choice.

Ask yourself, “If I could only focus on one thing in my life, what would it be?”

I’ve turned the television off; I don’t read the newspaper anymore. I keep the negative information as far from me as possible.

I’ll be sharing with you how to change your attitude.. I’ll be sharing with you what has worked and not worked and then you decide what’s best for your situation.  Be on the lookout for some caregiving quotes soon.

I’ll be making a few recommendations. That’s it!

Now it’s all up to you

Imagine having a smile on your face, people start wondering what’s going on. Living your Caregiving life to the fullest. There’s no sweeter way.

We’ll help transform a desperate, unhappy caregiver into a grateful, happy, joyous and skilled caregiver and maybe one day you will be able to say you are one of the happy family caregivers of Dayton.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

See you on the Inside!

Donna G Harris ~ Your Miami Valley OH Caregiver

p.s. You can also learn more about Donna where you can see first-hand how she makes extra income from home to supplement her income and other ideas along with tips and tricks to make your financial life better.

 p.s.s.  CLICK HERE NOW for Donna The Crazy Caregiver’s free Caregiving Tips.

Please, when you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family & friends and activities that help you recharge.  Remember this is not an event, it’s a process.  You may never figure it all out but as a team we will be stronger and I am here to help.


Caregiver Miami Valley OH
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Read What Others Have To Say About Donna

Caregiver Miami Valley OH
Rev. Ray LaSalle

Donna has specialized in caregiving for a number of years and knows the angles and advantages of adult care. She’s a go-to resource of knowledge and experience.
  ~ Rev. Ray LaSalle, Senior Pastor Bucyrus Nazarene Church 





Caregiver Miami Valley OH
Emily Jane Bernstein

I’ve known Donna G. Harris for 40 years at least, she’s a caregiver and has been one for many many years.  She cared for her sister, her father, and now caring for her mother who is 98 years old.  Donna G. Harris is one of the most loving, caring Christian women I’ve known. She’s sacrificed her entire life to be a “CareGiver”. If you don’t know about caregivers, they work 24 hours a day, especially when they care for family members. Donna has no social life to speak of, because of her duties as a caregiver, 24/7 to her mother. She’s virtually put her life on hold to assist her loving mother, I think she should be given a medal for her sacrifice. No one knows what she goes through on a daily basis to care for her mother, Ms. Lucas. We should all be so lucky to age and have someone care for us like Donna G. Harris.
  ~ Emily Jane Bernstein


Caregiver Miami Valley OH
Ann Winters

I’ve known Donna Harris several years.  Donna has passion helping others and I think she’s excellent in care giving.
  ~ Ann winters